Ecstatic Empath Series

Awaken Intuition, Unlock Psychic Gifts & Life your Purpose

Hosted by the Sedona Soul Sisters Show & The Desire Sessions Podcast

Activate your Bliss Body

Awaken your intuition and discover your innate psychic gifts to live your soul purpose.

Most empaths are unknowingly attuned only to the pain body. This series will support you to have clear boundaries with pain and awaken the channels that fuel the bliss body with joy, ease, grace, happiness and love.

Join the Sedona Soul Sisters Show and Desire Sessions Podcast for a free 8-week journey through your physical, mental, emotional and soul body:

Week 1-7: Explore each of the 7 main chakras
Week 8: Harness the powers of above and below

Each immersive session includes:
• Guided movement practices
• Breathwork exercises
• Sound & color healing techniques
• Embodied shadow integration
• Journal prompts
• Self-inquiry questions

These powerful tools will help you integrate the teachings and unlock your psychic potential.

What you'll gain:
• Enhanced intuitive abilities
• Deeper connection to your higher self
• Tools to unlock your unique psychic gifts
• Clarity on your life's purpose
• A supportive community of like-minded empaths

Experience a holistic approach to awakening your psychic gifts. Our carefully crafted sessions engage your body, mind, heart and soul for lasting transformation.

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