Rites of Passage Immersion

Radiate Confidence, Access Intuition & Live your Purpose

The Rites of Passage is an extraordinary 2 Day Private Retreat in Sedona designed to support your Embodied Spiritual Awakening.

The pressure of the current global challenges are calling spiritual practitioners to embrace purpose, power, and pleasure on a profound level.

If you’re passionate about awakening the divine within and ready to embody your legacy, step into leadership, and live your purpose, this in person immersion is for you.

Do you want deeper meaning, purpose and enjoyment in your life?

Introducing the Rites of Passage Immersion in Sedona Arizona:

Day One - Root/Earth (0-7 years old): Establish your foundational strength. Identify and heal core wounds, guided in healing breath, movement and self-bodywork sessions. Meet your Intuition, connect to your body temple, and initiate your daily practices. "I am safe to be who I am."

Creation Center/Water (8-14 years old): Nurture and heal your creative center. Awaken Feminine Element of Water, move stored emotions, and embrace sensuality. "I am sacred. I honor my body."

Core/Fire (15-21 years old): Heal the Father wound, practice re-parenting yourself, reclaim personal power, re-code limiting beliefs, Access the Masculine Power of Fire and open to alchemical art of manifestation. "I am embodied power."

Heart/Air (22-28 years old): Dissolve heart walls, heal the Mother wound, and engage in core inner child work. Channel and masculine transmissions, practice self-love journaling, and work with altars. "I embody love. My heart is opening"

Day Two  - Truth/Space (29-35 years old): Awaken the Inner Oracle, speak your truth, and resolve fear of self expression. Craft your legacy to share and live in the world. "I courageously share my truth and live my legacy."

Inner Vision (36-42 years old): Transform your relationship with your past, rewrite your narrative, and see yourself with crystal clarity. Engage in timeline work, DNA activations, and journey with both feminine and masculine energies. "I see my Self clearly. I AM."

Crown (43-50 years old): Embody your Divinity. Work with your Feminine and Masculine Essence, activate your soul blueprint, and crown the inner Queen and King no matter what your gender or relationship orientation. "I am Divine Love. I embody soul purpose."

Integration & Celebration: Create the divine design for you like going forward in order to Live your Legacy & Embody Soul Purpose everyday. "I am the One."

Your Rites of Passage

The Rites of Passage Immersion will support you to:

  • Create a secure relationship with yourself, pleasure and power
  • Clarify your Living Legacy
  • Build skills to navigate real-life challenges
  • Transform unhealthy emotional cycles & create secure relationships with yourself and life 
  • Create & maintain healthy boundaries with yourself and others
  • Reset your nervous system and stop feeling exhausted and overwhelmed 

The Rites of Passage includes:

  • 2 Day Private Immersion in Sedona with Christel (accommodation, meals and travel not included)

  • 2 Coaching calls - one before & One after the Immersion

  •  2 Voice Text & Text on Telegram App - one before & One after the Immersion

  •  Embody Soul Purpose - Healing Hypnosis Audio Recordings
  • Akashic Recode & Soul Contract Alignment (no appointment time)

Today is a great time to begin your Rites of Passage 


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$3,333.00 USD

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